04 November 2006

My Beautiful Homeland - Melaka, Malaysia

"Selamat Datang" means "Welcome" to Melaka.This is my first time in my life blogging in the web.Now a story about my beutiful homeland are began. Melaka is renowned as the place where the history of Malaysia began. From a quiet fishing village back in the early 15th century, Melaka grew into one of the world's greatest trading empires. Today, there's a lot more to Melaka in addition to its fascinating stories, legends and historical attractions. Melaka is fast becoming a premier destination for both business and leisure. A million tourists visited Melaka by year to year. Melaka is set amongst rolling hills and fringed by virgin jungle with 100 kilometres of coastline and sandy beaches. It has become a heaven for visitors, its ecological heritage protected - Malaysia's green print for the future. Melaka is an interesting blend of old and new. Rejuvenated, it now responds, to pulse of commerce, pursuing the two-pronged development of industrialisation and tourism. You will find, offers the best in comfort and hospitality, history, culture, recreation, sports, shopping, convention, health, education, eco-agro, food or "makan-makan", Melaka my 2nd home and youth tourism. Ok enough for this time . See you soon. Bye.

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