29 March 2007

Melaka A Gourmet Paradise - What Happend This Week?

Hello again. Much has been said about eating ikan bakar or barbequed fish of Melaka. Nothing can surpass the experience of eating the ever famous ikan pari(stingray) or siakap wrapped on banana leaves by the seaside joints in this state. If ones compares it to eating baked salmon served on exquisite china set at a posh restaurant in one of the five star hotels in town area. It is simple yet delightful authentic Malaysian treat. It is extremely popular with locals and visitors.

Many stalls (and restaurants) have mushroomed by the beach to serve those with a taste for seafood. Some of these eateries imaginatively invite customers to indulge in the selection and preparation of their food by displaying the fresh catch on an ice-covered sampan (boat) counter. After customers make selection, the choice is weighed and a discussion takes place on how it is to be prepared. Usually shellfish is fried with a chilli condiment, but others are grilled over an open charcoal fire for a unique flavour.

Whille travelling, we sometimes crave food we are familiar with. Thanks in part to its cosmopolitan history and rapid development, international food is easily obtained in Melaka. McDonald's, A&W, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Kenny Rogers, Pizza Huts and Nando's are common sight in the shopping malls and along some city streets.

A variety of Western food, including French and Italian favourites such as soups and pasta, are readily found this town. Pasta dishes and steak dominate the menus, with items such as French onion soup, consomme, Greek salads and paella making an appearance.

Ok back for this weekend events. What happend this weekend in Melaka? Actually, every weeks from friday nights until sunday nights many cultural group shows their performance at the tourism area at Bandar Hilir. Professional live band with sound of R&B, Jazz, traditional music and many more also show their skills to the visitors. But in this Sunday 1st April at MITC, Ayer Keroh the BMW Sauber F1 Team will be there! You can watch Nick Heidfeld and Robert Kubica from the BMW Sauber F1 Team in action and get a close up view of all the race machines including the BMW Motorrad stunt bike. Don't miss it! Ok enough for today. Enjoy your vacations!

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