17 March 2007

Melaka A Gourmet Paradise

Melaka is a melting port of races, each with its own language, culture, beliefs, cuisine and traditions. Portuguese is one of ethnic groups in this state. The foods, a blending of traditional Portuguese and Malay food, are mostly found in the Portuguese Square. Despite losing much of its authenticity, the restaurants there still serve significant Portuguese dishes. The fiery and famous curry, but upon checking with a senior member of the community, the correct name should be debel curry and not devil curry. The most popular restaurant for this food is the Restoran De Lisbon. Besides serving the curry debel, it also serves baked fish otak-otak, vegetables and scrumptious seafood. The black pepper crab is very tasty while otak-otak is richer than the Malay otak-otak.

Like any other place in the country (Malaysia), Melaka is also a place where you can get various types of fruit juices or herbal drink. The exotic tropical fruits here like mango, lemon, water melon, guava and coconut produce some of the best fruit juice on earth. Melaka Delite, is a special name given to a rich mango juice extracted from the locally grown mangoes of high quality. The drink has been proclaimed as the official drink of the state and si usually served as welcome drinks in the hotels or at official functions. It can also be found in restaurants and other eating outlets. This drinks are now bottled and are sold commercially in supermarkets and shops.

Melaka is also known for its herbal drinks. Tongkat Ali is more famous here. This drinks are masterly brewed from natural extract of Tongkat Ali Roots. The roots have been specially selected and only those good ones are brewed. Taken regularly, it restores weariness and rejuvenates the energy level. This products is nourishing and has therapeutic value.

Satay, a Malaysian classic, has become a hot favourite among locals as well as foreigners, is essentially a barbecue of little chunks of beaf, mutton or chicken done distinctively the Malaysian way. The meat is marinated and skewed onto little bamboo sticks, three or four pieces of meat to a stick before it is then barbecued over charcoal flame. Served with a heavenly groundnut source, It is simply delicious. Accompanying the satay to make complete meal are sliced cucumbers, sliced raw onions and pressed rice call ketupat. Satay also my favorite family’s dishes. Only a short notes for today. Wait for the next post. Bye! Have a nice day!.

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