04 June 2007

Briged Seni Melaka

Tourism Melaka

The Briged Seni is the famous cultural group in Melaka. This group was established in 1989 to promote traditional movement performance to safeguard many of unique dances specific to the State and its multicultural groups; and providing yet another of Melaka's unique attractions.

As ambassadors of culture, this group of talented musicians and skillful traditional dancers perform a variety of pieces reflective of a long established culture of dance. The interweaving of history, race and tradition is meticulously represented.

Some of the dances in their repertoire include the Overture, Dondang Sayang, Zapin Adai-Adai, Chinese Dance, Nyonya Dance, Chitty Dance, Indian Dance, Portuguese Dance and culminate in the contemporary "Malaysia Truly Asia" routine. These will have helped draw many visitors to our shores in recent years.

Actually i take this video at Hang Tuah Mall on 1st June 2007 in commemoration A Melaka Tourism Street Carnival 2007. I loved this video and i hope all of you enjoy watching this video too. Bye.

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Tourism Melaka

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