05 August 2007

Popular Places Of Interest In Melaka - Melaka Temples

Tourism Melaka

Sri Poyyatha Vinagayar Moorthi Temple built on a plot by the Dutch. It is one of the first Hindu temple to be constructed in the country. If you have a fascination for old building, you may like to visit here which is situated at the junction between Jalan Tukang Eams and Jalan Hang Kasturi.

Cheng Hoon Teng Temple built around 1646 with authentic building materials from China and the oldest Chinese temple in Malaysia. It houses the statue of The Goddess of Mercy or “Kuan Yin”,thus being named Abode of The Green (merciful) cloud. The architecture is a beautiful example of Chinese architecture with intricate carvings and designs of mythical figures, animals, birds and flowers. Endless streams of local and foreign devotes come to respect and pray to the Goddess of Mercy here.

Sam Po Kong Temple is located at the foot of Bukit Cina and built in 1795 by Kapitan Ts’ai Shih-Chang in connection with the adjoining cemetery, Fu-te-tz’u. Later it was expanded, but the main deity worshipped continued to be Fu-te-cheng-shern or Ta-Po Kung. Within the premises area is the famous well, San Poo Ching or Perigi Raja, subject to many legends and stories.

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Tourism Melaka

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