05 September 2007

25 Great Things

25 Interesting Facts about my homeland that make it’s different comparing with other state in Malaysia such as:

1. Our Tourism Slogan is “Visit Historic Melaka Means Visit Malaysia” because this is where the history of Malaysia began.

2. D’Paradise Tropical Fruit World Winter Season – First In Malaysia and the World.

3. First state in the country published newspaper daily.

4. The largest Grilled Fish Village – Floating Grilled Fish Village, Umbai.

5. Melaka Sentral Bus & Taxi Terminal – The most sophisticated terminal in Asia.

6. Malam Perdana Dinner – The Malaysia Book Of Record.

7. Al-Khawarizmi Observatory – The most sophisticated observatory.

8. ‘Silat’ the Malay Martial Art was started here.

9. Founded by Parameswara, a Prince of Sumatra in the late 14th century.

10. Recognition as the ‘Venice of the East’ during the 15th century.

11. 2nd smallest state with only 725,000 populations.

12. Waiting list as a UNESCO Cultural World Heritage Site.

13. Straits of Melaka – The Longest and Busiest Straits of The World.

14. Produce the Biggest Amount of Chicken Egg in the countries.

15. Melaka Zoo is the famous Tiger Breeding Centre in the World.

16. The ‘Bullock Cart’ Make Malaysia famous In United States Of America (USA).

17. The smartest state in Managing Medical Services.

18. The first state Equipped with Wi-Fi.

19. Ayer Keroh Dam is the oldest Dam In the countries.

20. Whe have The Biggest Lion Dance Performance In The World .

21. Torture PERZIM Exhibition is the First In South East Asia.

22. The First Malaysian Professional Flying Academy situated at Batu Berendam.

23. Clock Tower at Banda Hilir was the Oldest Clock Tower in the countries.

24. Christ Church – First and the oldest church.

25. Melaka International Bowling Centre (MIBC) will be the largest bowling centre with 58 lanes (under construction ).

Saiful Anuar

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