08 November 2007

Melaka International Regatta 2007

Tourism Melaka

Hi! For the first time ever, the Melaka International Regatta hits the shores of the historical city! Visitors can look forward to six days of excitement - on and off the Straits of Melaka - as the promises something for everyone at beach of Klebang.

This is an exhibition-style event, a prelude to next year's one, which will be a full-blown regatta. The will be guest sportsmen and experts who will impress you with their skills in exhibitions specially created for spectators. Check out the activities you can expect such as Power Boat, sailing Jet Ski, Extreme surfing, Kayaking, ATV & Motocross and Beach activities. During this event the organiser invite 3 special guests such as:

Datuk Azhar Mansor
The first Malaysian to sail around the world solo. He's a sailing legend and well known internationally as well.

Kay Marshall
She is the only female Formula 1 Powerboat driver in the world, and has earned an impressive reputation in this male-dominated sport. She is the current Australian Formula 1 champion.

Team Flamingo
With a nickname like Iron Man, Chaowalit Kuajaroon is the leading jetskier in the region and the world. He has won numerous championships with the Flamingo Team.

See you there! Bye!

Tourism Melaka

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