19 November 2006

D'Paradise - The Tropical Fruit World & Aboriginal Native Village

D'Paradise Tropical Fruit World and Aboriginal Native Village is the world's largest collection of tropical, sub-tropical and continental fruit ( over 800 types ) are showcased in 168 acres of landscaped Lee Garden full of fun, adventure and discovery.
Assault your senses - see the fruit, smell them, pick and taste the wonderful varietes on offer. One of the many "must see" attractions is the unique, authentic "live" Aboriginal Village. Here you can live amongst the natives and discover how they hunt by blow pipe, cook their food, make handicrafts, find medicinal herbs in the jungle and join in their cultural dances.
You can enjoy a comfortable walk in the tropical climate. The designed and planted a 9 kms passion fruit shaded canopy shielding you from the sun. The visitors also can hire a buggies for driving around the park.
Day visitors will enjoy an action packed and exciting experience. If you choose you can also stay overnight, from up-scale camping grounds to the 5 star standard designed high-tech 'Camp David Island' and D-CEO Village resort.
At D'Paradise you can find the World largest collections of pumpkins here. See how these Vitamin A and Potassium rich fruits are grown. Did you know the record for the largest pumpkins is 1,140 pounds?.So big hah..(see picture above)
See the World largest collections of cactuses right here in D'Paradise.The fascinating thorny plants as small as 2 inches to a few feet high.
In D'Paradise you can also find it The World's only Dragon Fly Santuary. With ancestors about 300 million years old, these impressive mid-air hovering insects are fascinating. Come into our dragon fly sanctuary and see these creatures up-close and let them fly all over you.
D-Paradise a 'must see' places when visiting Melaka!!!!
Saiful Anuar

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