27 November 2006

Back To The Roots For Fruits

'Melaka Tropical Fruit Farm'
The Melaka Tropical Fruit Farm was formerly known as the Sungai Udang Agro Park. Besides being the best location to look at and get some of the freshest tropical fruits like durian ( King of fruits), rambutan and others, the venue also serves as an agricultural training centre. If you're lucky and visit during the right seasons, you'll also get the opportunity to taste some delicious fruits grown right here at the centre.
The farm provides a wholesome experience for the urban traveller. Set in 65 acres, the tropical fruits farm offers visitors an opportunity to view nature up close. Apart from the orchards, the facilities include a mini zoo, bicycle and jogging tracks, and a lake for kayaking and fishing. Accommodation in the form a hostel, chalets and a campsite is available for those who wish to stay overnight.
The extensive orchards give visitors a first-hand experience of how the fruits they see in the supermarkets or wet markets are actually grown. They can even sample them fresh from the tree. The fruits here include the delicious rambutan and the 'king of fruits' the strong-smelling Durian. It has been said that you either love or hate this pungent fruit with the rich creamy flesh.
Rice is the staple food not only of Malaysians, but also most of Asia, and first-time visitors will be fascinated by the padi field. There is also a vegetable garden planted with local greens. Herbs play an important role in the lives of Malaysians, whether as ingredients for the cooking pot as medicinal remedies for various ills. The Herbal Garden provides interesting information on various popular herbs, like the much talked about 'Tongkat Ali' (eurycoma longifolia). In addition, there is also an agriculture musuem for those who wish to find out more.
Those who are too tired to walk can ride the train around the park, getting off at the various points of interest or refreshments at the Cafe Agro. The Melaka Tropical Fruit Farm offers more than fruits. Sports and recreation facilities include bicycle and jogging tracks, and a lake for kayaking and fishing. Children will love the Mini Zoo, which is both fun and educational. The animals here include deer, rabbits, ostriches and camels, among others. Visitors are allowed to feed these animals, which enhances the experience for children. The farm provides a fun day out for the whole family.
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