10 November 2006

Popular Recreational Places in Melaka Part 1

"Crocodile Farm"
Hello again!. Have you ever wondered how it would feel to hold a cold, scaly reptilian with a mouth full of sharp teeth in your hands?. Well, wonder no more. If you're already in Melaka, don't let this chance slip by. Have an adventurous time at Melaka's Crocodile Farm.
The Crocodile Farm is located 11 km from Melaka town.It has expanded to include a section for other reptilian species. This sprawling 3.2 hectare park is now home to more than 200 crocodiles of various species from all over the world.In addition to crocodiles and alligators, the farm is also home to tortoises and reticulated phythons.
The six species of crocodiles on display are the Estuarine/Saltwater Crocodile, False Gharial, Siamese Crocodile, Indian Marsh Mugger, Spectacled Cayman Crocodile and the American Alligator. Visitors can pose for photographs with the farm's baby crocodile.I'm scared to taking photo with the croc.Eeeee.
Any information please call:
Tel: (606) 2322349 / 350
Fax: (606) 2319136

" A' Famosa Water World Theme Park"

Only the word to describe this incredible place - FUN!. You can expect endless thrills and excitement throughout the day. From waddling in the sparkling cool water to sunbathing under the sweltering sun, you'll be entertained by the various activities there.

Strategically situated on 520 hectares of lush countryside and surrounded by rolling hills. A' Famosa is one of Malaysia's foremost leisure and holiday destinations. It was named after the famous 16th century Portuguese fortifications of Melaka. A' Famosa comprises the impressive world-class Resort Hotel, the 20-acre theme park Water World, a 150-acre Animal World Safari, a 5-acre wild west entertainment centre Cowboy Town, an Equestrian Club and a 27-hole international championship Golf Course.

The Water World Theme Park provides 20 acres of adrenaline-pumping slides, rides and much more. It maintains high international safety standards to ensure an enjoyable and protected experience for guests. Attractions include the popular Wave Pool, a man-made beach with sun, sand, water-jet water fall and even surf where fun seekers eagerly await the waves.

Any information please call:

Tel: (606) 5520969

Fax: (606) 5520979

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