23 December 2006

Travel Tourism Melaka - "Makan-Makan " Melaka Food

"Welcome to Melaka" Entrance

Travel Tourism Melaka
Hi again. One might think that in order to capture and understand the enchantingly rich history of Melaka, one just needs to embark on the River cruise or even frequent the museums. How presumptuous one is when there is one simple method to do which is through the wok. The empire had collapsed and the Colonial masters had returned to their homelands but the legacy of people of once cosmopolitan Melaka remains. That legacy that reminds us that Melaka has long become a melting pot is in the form of its food.
If a visitor asks a Melakan what is Melaka Food? He can't simply say...oh it is Asam Pedas or Chicken Ball rice or Roti Canai. He would ask back whether the visitor wants to sample the delights of Malay food, Indian food, Nyonya food, Portuguese food or Chinese food or other specialty like the seafoods. Such is the heritage of a melting pot of Melaka which reflects the influences and the merging of cultures of the Malay and of Chinese, Indian and Portuguese and others.
After lunch try this "Bullock Cart" ride
This is the rich and intriguing history of Melaka told from the ever-practical Melakans' point of view. To understand the essence of Melaka, taste the unique food of Melaka. Next time, i will write all about Melaka Food by each ethnics. So lets Makan-Makan (history won't be dull as challenges are aplenty in the food). The problem would be you would be spoilt for choices. The multi-national visitors that used to frequent Melaka in her glorious past would nod in their agreements as they were once at loss with choices to tempt their palate once upon a time this melting pot. Now it is your turn to sample the glimpses of the past in the comfort of the present. Enjoy!.
Travel Tourism Melaka

p/s Makan! Makan! Makan!

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