19 December 2006

Travel Tourism Melaka - Melaka Zoo

Travel Tourism Melaka

Hello again. The Melaka Zoo is the second largest zoo in the country, ranking among the best in the region in its collection of animals including several endangered species of mammals, reptiles and birds. There are numerous food stalls, including an A&W Restaurant for the convenience of visitors. The Souvenir shop offers T-shirts, mugs,postcards,caps and a variety of other goods.

Melaka Zoo's 54 acres of forested land is home to more than 1200 animals comprising over 400 mammals, about 200 reptiles and approximately 600 birds in near natural surroundings. For most people, the Zoo is the only place to safely get up close to the Sumatran rhino, Malayan tiger, panther, various species of hornbills and the grandfather of lizards, the crocodiles. All captured wild animals in the country have to be sent here for stringent health checks before being sent to other places in the country or international destinations.

Visitors are able to enjoy its fascinating inhabitants at an unhurried pace by riding in the comfort of the Tram, which is not just fun but convenient for very young and elderly. Melaka is the only Zoo in the country to have two pairs of pandas and has invested in a panda enclosure for greater comfort and protection. Horse riding is available and the more adventurous can choose to ride an elephant. Experience the thrill and excitement of riding on top of this large but friendly mammal.

The largest cat of the cat family, the endangered Malayan Tiger, has been successfully bred at the Zoo. Captive breeding at Zoo Melaka has provided many tigers to numeruos zoos throughout the world such as the San Diego Zoo in the US, Leipzig Zoo in Germany and the Singapore Zoo.

The also functions as a research centre for biologist, zoologist and veterinary students students studying animal behavioural pattern including disease research and breeding patterns. Enough for today. Bye.



Travel Tourism Melaka

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