07 March 2007

Malays Wedding In Melaka

Hello again. Last weekend on 4th March 2007 (Sunday), i attended at my uncle wedding. All my friends, families and relatives sit together on my uncle big day. The biggest community in Melaka is the Malays. My uncle is Malays and me too.

The marriage customs of the Malays extend over several ceremonies that include the adat meminang (formal asking of the woman’s hand in marriage), akad nikah (solemnisation of the marriage) and bersanding (wedding celebration where the newly wed couple sit on the dais as king and queen for the day). The parents of the newly-weds will present the gifts to the Sidang while the marriage is solemnized by the Khadi.

As the couple sit on the marriage dais well decorated with flowers known as bunga manggar (a traditional coconut tree-like decoration made from coloured shiny material), family, relatives and friends go up to congratulate the couple and to offer their blessings by sprinkling rose water and yellow rice over them
Guests traditionally receive a gift in the form of an artfully packaged egg known bunga telor a symbol of fertility. The nuptial night is spent at the bride’s house where the bedroom is resplendent with new furnishing signifying the new beginning for the couple. Guests are invited to view the nuptial bed. The spirit of gotong royong (communal togetherness) is prevalent among the Malays, as seen in the attending of religious and cultural ceremonies in mosques, homes and halls, or even participating in the building of communal property. Ok enough for today. Happy Wedding Day Uncle!.Bye. “Visit Historic Melaka Means Visit Malaysia”.

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