01 March 2007

Melaka Raptor Watch Week 2007

Hello again. This 10 - 11 March 2007 Melaka Tourism Promotion Division and The Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) will organize a Raptor Watch Week 2007 at Ilham Resort, Tanjung Tuan Melaka. Every year, thousands of raptors migrate across the Straits of Melaka, and they use Tanjung Tuan as their crossover point because it is the narrowest part of this waterway. To escape the harsh cold of winter, these raptors leave their breeding grounds in northern Asia (China,Mongolia,Russia,Korea and Japan), flying over Tanjung Tuan as they head to the warmer climes of the tropical belt. Once the harsh winters are over and spring arrives, they again make the hazardous return journey. Raptor Watch in March, is truly the best opportunity to catch a glimpse of these magnificent creatures, as they head back home to breed for another year.

What are raptors? They are birds of prey. Direct descendants of dinosaurs (velociraptors), they have inherited the acute vision, powerful talons, sharo hooked beaks and keen predator instincts. These bird are the highest avian species in the food chain and they are vital part of the delicate balance of nature. Only 5 species to be watch next week. They are Crested Honey Buzzard(PERNIS PTILORHYNCUS), Chinese Goshawk (ACCIPITER SOLOENSIS), Grey-Faced Buzzard (BUTASTUR INDICUS), Japanese Sparrowhawk (ACCIPITER GULARIS) and Black Baza (AVICEDA LEUPHOTES). This species come from Northern Asia, India , far Eastern Russia, Northern China, Korea, Japan, the Himalayas and west to Szechuan.

Bird-watches and visitors can also enjoy the scenic Flora and Fauna at Tanjung Tuan Recreational Forests, the oldest tropical rain forest in the west coast of peninsular Malaysia. I think this it for today. See you there. Bye.

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