11 July 2007

Popular Places Of Interest In Melaka Part.1

Tourism Melaka

A Sultanate Palace is located right in the centre of Melaka town, opposite the Proclamation of Independence Memorial Building, The Cultural Museum is a place not to be missed. A replica of the old Sultanate Palace, the museum depicts a vivid tale of the unique blend of cultures. You can view the tableaus and collections of the past there.

The Stadhuys is once the official residence of the Dutch Governors and officers, it has now become the historical building fo the Museum of History and Ethnography. On a daily basis, you can enjoy the display of traditional bridal costume and relics from Melaka's ancient times. The Stadhuys is located along Jalan Gereja.

Christ Church is a place not to be missed. When you look closely, you'll be able to see the handmade pews and ceiling beams that had been constructed without joints. Other exquisite features include the Brass Bible, the tombstone written in Armenian and the glazed tiles of 'Last Supper'. Built in 1753, the church is situated along Jalan Gereja.

In my next post more information for other popular tourism attractions - The St. Paul's Church, Museum of History & Ethnography and Maritime Museum. Bye!

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Tourism Melaka

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