14 July 2007

Popular Places Of Interest In Melaka Part.2

Tourism Melaka

St' Paul Church
Built by Portuguese captain, the church was located at Bukit St' Paul transformed into a burial place for the noble by the Dutch. The church, which was called "Our Lady Of The Hill" by the Portuguese, was renamed St' Paul Church after the Dutch took over Melaka.

Museum of History & Ethnography
Built in 1982, the Musuem is a great place to learn about the History of Melaka. Throught the artifacts and historical drawings, you will be transported back from the times of the Portuguese, Dutch, British and Japanese, to the period of Malaysia's independence. The stories of bloodshed, tragedy, power and triumph will tug at your heartsrings and live on forever. The museum is located inside the Stadhuys at the junction of Jalan Kota and Jalan Gereja.

Maritime Musuem
Ever been on a ship that is actually a musuem inside? If not, come abroad this one then. Constructed after the Portuguese ship, 'Flor De La Mar', it is a place where you'll find indepth knowledge from the 14th century to present time. The musuem is located at Jalan Quayside.

On my next post other popular attractions - A People's, Jasin and Alor Gajah Musuem. Happy vacations and have Fun! Bye!

Tourism Melaka
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