27 July 2007

Popular Places Of Interest In Melaka Part.3

Tourism Melaka

Villa Sentosa is located in Kampung Morten, which is the only Malay Village in the Heart of the Melaka Town. The house was built during the first quarter of the 20th century in a style fasionable during that era. It has today been converted by its owner, Tuan Hj Hashim bin Dato’ Demang Hj Abdul Ghani into a private Museum Visitors can view an intriguing collection of costume,Malay embroidery, furniture, muskets and arry of interesting relics. The owner will be obliged to provide additional information to visitors.

Tranquerah Mosque is a living testimony of the Islamic presence in Melaka some 600 years ago. It is also the resting place of Sultan Hussain of Johor who signed Singapore’s cession with Sir Stamford Raffles in 1819. Visitors can view the intricate designs of the mosque which is locate at Jalan Tengkera.

Kampung Kling Mosque is one of the oldest mosque in the country, the amazing Sumatran architecture is still intact and well preserved till today. Unlike other typical domes, the Kampung Kling Mosque has a three-tired roof shape like a pyramid. Designed like Pagoda, the Moorish style minaret is a true picture of the East-West architecture influence. Located at the junction between Jalan Lekiu and Jalan Tukang Emas.

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Tourism Melaka

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