19 July 2007

Popular Places Of Interest In Melaka - Melaka Museums

People's Museum - The contributions from the people of this state in various aspects such as economics, politics, social, education, tourism, industrialisation and others can be viewed here. You'll develop a deeper understanding on how Melaka received its standing today. Actually all the Popular Museums located near each other at Bandar Hilir area.

Jasin Museum - If you like soapy romance or mystical tales, you'll enjoy a visit here at Jasin Town. The place is home to various historical and cultural artifacts, as well as the passionate story of Sultan Mahmud Shah's infatuation with the Princess of Gunung Ledang. An inspiring tale which is captivating as the city itself.

Alor Gajah Museum - The houses stories of past glories, tragedies, heartaches and triumphs in the Alor Gajah district-the battleground during Naning War and also exhibits the cultures of Malays, Chinese and Indians.

Youth Museum - Located in Stadhuys building. This building formerly housed Melaka's General Post Office. This building are functions as the documentation centre with materials and information which relates with youth activities in Malaysia and internationally. Among the exhibits are pictures of youth leaders, trophies, uniform and handicraft products from youth corporations.

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